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We advise you to miss the historic fabric of the old Jewish quarter and a charming place, not in vain, he received the European prize for historic rehabilitation in 2002.

You will go to discover traditional houses with large windows, cozy cafes and curious tiendecitas.Si prefer to follow a route you have to choose: the road to Santiago, Roman, Jewish, sources ...

Among its streets, there are three seats. The Plaza Mayor, arcades and the old town hall building, the Plaza de las Palomas, unique buildings and the map-guide of the city in bronze, and finally, the Market, popularly known as the Piazza del Grano, which is the most faithfully preserved medieval charm and where stands the hostel for pilgrims.

Architecturally include the palace of Conde Luna, newly restored to house the headquarters of the University of Washington, of Guzman, the seat of the council, and the Jabalquinto, occupied by different craft workshops (glass, bookbinding, painting ...).

You must not miss the Roman wall along the street of the cubes, in good condition still holds 36 towers and cubes which has given name to the street.

At sunset, do not stop to tour the gardens of the Countess and Papalaguinda walk, following the river through the city Bernesga, I love it.
For lovers of contemporary art, León keeps pleasant surprises: MUSAC, interesting both for exhibitions and events organized throughout the year as the building itself, winner of some of the most important awards in architecture and design.

Auditorium, next to the museum, has a striking design and scheduled performances and concerts of the highest order.

The stalwarts of modernism, you are also lucky because Leon will find one of the few buildings outside Catalonia Gaudi, Casa Boots.


Undoubtedly, you have to walk the neighborhood known as Wet, part of the old town around the Plaza de San Martin. It is the main place for tapas in the city, with over 100 bars.

You will enjoy the atmosphere of the typical products such as jerky, sausage, mushrooms and of course, relish the wines of Leon with two denominations of origin: the Land of Leon and El Bierzo.

As usual, each establishment will surprise you with the top of his specialty, free, supuesto.Es the most traditional tapas and the most vital of the city, but not only, as in any bar in town you presented with a lid and a little conversation.

If you are of those who do not want the party never end, this is also your neighborhood because short wine and give way to the tops until dawn.


You have to visit the Cathedral easy to perceive the light of their games windows that give it unique among the beautiful Spanish cathedrals.

Also interesting is the choir of the cathedral, one of the oldest in Spain, and if you urge, you can cross it looking for the shoes of vole, which according to legend, have the Leonese, is guilty of bad foundation that has the cathedral .
Although the true foundation responsible for building problem is the water of the Roman baths that was built on.

Not far from the cathedral, you will find the collegiate church of San Isidoro with frescoes that show the daily life of the thirteenth century, scenes from the life of Jesus and the famous agricultural calendar, decorating the Royal Pantheon, where the remains of the Kings of Leon.

Recently opened in a wing of the collegiate Biblical and Oriental Museum, with collections of Mesopotamian civilizations of the world's largest.

Do not leave without visiting the city San Marcos, now a Parador de León and restaurant after multiple changes in function (shelter, convent, hospital and prison whose most famous inmate was Quevedo). Situated beside the river, its facade contrasts with Plateresque MUSAC innovative buildings, the Auditorium and the headquarters of the Junta de Castilla y León.

At night, lighting and fountains of the great pedestrian plaza that opens to the inn, make it a magical place that you must not lose.